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    --Ігар Барысавіч Цярэшчанка (размовы) 18:49, 8 красавіка 2017 (+03)Адказаць[адказаць]

    WAM Address Collection[правіць зыходнік]

    Congratulations! You have more than 4 accepted articles in Wikipedia Asian Month! Please submit your postal mailing address via Google form or email me about that on erick@asianmonth.wiki before the end of Janauary, 2018. The Wikimedia Asian Month team only has access to this form, and we will only share your address with local affiliates to send postcards. All personal data will be destroyed immediately after postcards are sent. Please contact your local organizers if you have any question. We apologize for the delay in sending this form to you, this year we will make sure that you will receive your postcard from WAM. If you've not received a postcard from last year's WAM, Please let us know. All ambassadors will receive an electronic certificate from the team. Be sure to fill out your email if you are enlisted Ambassadors list.

    Best, Erick Guan (talk)

    WAM Address Collection - 1st reminder[правіць зыходнік]

    Hi there. This is a reminder to fill the address collection. Sorry for the inconvenience if you did submit the form before. If you still wish to receive the postcard from Wikipedia Asian Month, please submit your postal mailing address via this Google form. This form is only accessed by WAM international team. All personal data will be destroyed immediately after postcards are sent. If you have problems in accessing the google form, you can use Email This User to send your address to my Email.

    If you do not wish to share your personal information and do not want to receive the postcard, please let us know at WAM talk page so I will not keep sending reminders to you. Best, Sailesh Patnaik

    Confusion in the previous message- WAM[правіць зыходнік]

    Hello again, I believe the earlier message has created some confusion. If you have already submitted the details in the Google form, it has been accepted, you don't need to submit it again. The earlier reminder is for those who haven't yet submitted their Google form or if they any alternate way to provide their address. I apologize for creating the confusion. Thanks-Sailesh Patnaik

    WAM Postcard collection[правіць зыходнік]

    Вітаю. Калі ласка, запоўніце гэтую форму. --Artificial123 (размовы) 12:06, 20 снежня 2018 (MSK)Адказаць[адказаць]

    Вітаю. Зроблена. — НСНУ (размовы) 19:19, 22 снежня 2018 (MSK)Адказаць[адказаць]

    Information needed for NT120 souvenirs[правіць зыходнік]

    Hello! Spring Roll Conan from Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong here. Thank you very much for your contributions this year. From being the most productive editor in the NT120 event in your project, you are qualified to receive a special NT120 postcard and a souvenir related to the New Territories from the Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong by early March. If you would like one, please fill out this form by 31st January - late submissions is no guarantee of (punctual) distributions of our gifts. All personal information you submit will only be visible to me as the person-in-charge of NT120 and will be destroyed once postcards are sent out. If you have any questions, please drop a line on my talk page or ping me. Thank you, and enjoy 2019! --春卷柯南 (размовы) 15:25, 7 студзеня 2019 (MSK)Адказаць[адказаць]

    Update: The international team responsible for the Asian Month encountered some problems during address collection. As a result, we can only retrieve a portion of addresses they collected and cannot proceed to print the second batch of postcards. We have reserved some of these for NT125 participants. Based on our estimation, the delivery of the souvenirs has to postpone to at earliest mid-March when all of the addresses we need to collect and the postcards are here. Apologies for any inconvenience. --春卷柯南 (размовы) 16:08, 27 лютага 2019 (MSK)Адказаць[адказаць]
    Update: Apologies for the delay. Now everything is ready, and I will send you an email to ensure the postal address you submitted in December 2018 is still correct. I will send the postcard in one or two days once the thing is settled.--春卷柯南 (размовы) 17:50, 30 чэрвеня 2019 (+03)Адказаць[адказаць]

    Щигельский, Дмитрий Иванович[правіць зыходнік]

    Вітаю. Существует ли в byWiki статья о бывшем психиатре и общественном деятеле Щигельском Дмитрии Ивановиче? Если нет, то не согласились бы вы её создать? Щигельский Дмитрий Иванович упоминается в ст. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Лукашенко,_Александр_Григорьевич#Состояние_здоровья . С уважением, --Bookvaedina (размовы) 05:43, 9 верасня 2020 (+03)Адказаць[адказаць]


    1. Дмитрий Волчек.. Мозаичная психопатия. Александр Лукашенко глазами психиатра. В 1994 году, перед вторым туром президентских выборов в Беларуси из архива Могилёвской областной психиатрической больницы была похищена медицинская карта А. Г. Лукашенко, наблюдавшегося здесь с середины 70-х годов. (руск.) . // svoboda.org. Радио «Свобода» (18 жніўня 2020). Архівавана з першакрыніцы 18 жніўня 2020. Праверана 9 верасня 2020.
    2. Дмитрий Волчек.. Культурный дневник: Лукашенко глазами режиссёра и психиатра (руск.) . // svoboda.org. Радио «Свобода» (25 жніўня 2020). — Гости программы — Юрий Хащеватский и Дмитрий Щигельский. Архівавана з першакрыніцы 9 верасня 2020. Праверана 9 верасня 2020.

    Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 Postcard[правіць зыходнік]

    Wikipedia Asian Month 2020

    Dear Participants, Jury members and Organizers,


    It's Wikipedia Asian Month's honor to have you all participated in Wikipedia Asian Month 2020, the sixth Wikipedia Asian Month. Your achievements were fabulous, and all the articles you created make the world can know more about Asia in different languages! Here we, the Wikipedia Asian Month International team, would like to say thank you for your contribution also cheer for you that you are eligible for the postcard of Wikipedia Asian Month 2020. Please kindly fill the form, let the postcard can send to you asap!

    • This form will be closed at February 15.
    • For tracking the progress of postcard delivery, please check this page.


    Thank you and best regards,

    Wikipedia Asian Month International Team, 2021.01

    Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 Postcard[правіць зыходнік]

    Wikipedia Asian Month 2020

    Dear Participants and Organizers,

    Kindly remind you that we only collect the information for Wikipedia Asian Month postcard 15/02/2021 UTC 23:59. If you haven't filled the Google form, please fill it asap. If you already completed the form, please stay tun, wait for the postcard and tracking emails.


    Thank you and best regards,

    Wikipedia Asian Month International Team, 2021.01

    Імёны па бацьку ў назвах артыкулаў[правіць зыходнік]

    Запрашаю прыняць удзел у галасаванні Вікіпедыя:Абмеркаванне правіл/Найменне артыкулаў з імем па бацьку.--Artsiom91 (размовы) 00:27, 27 лютага 2021 (+03)Адказаць[адказаць]

    Прызначэнне схавальнікаў гісторыі[правіць зыходнік]

    Вітаю. Калі ласка, прыміце ўдзел у прызначэнні схавальнікаў гісторыі старонак, звярніце ўвагу, там два запыты. Дзякуй. --Максім Л. (размовы) 23:03, 3 красавіка 2022 (+03)Адказаць[адказаць]