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Profile of Adam Smith. The original depiction of Smith was created in 1787 by James Tassie in the form of an enamel paste medallion. Smith did not usually sit for his portrait, so a considerable number of engravings and busts of Smith were made not from observation but from the same enamel medallion produced by Tassie, an artist who could convince Smith to sit.

Дата Original work in 1787. Etching produced in 1811, 1828 or 1872
Крыніца http://www.library.hbs.edu/hc/collections/kress/kress_img/adam_smith2.htm
Аўтар Etching created by Cadell and Davies (1811), John Horsburgh (1828) or R.C. Bell (1872).
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Derivative works of this file: 24 Britons.png This file was previously sourced to geocities, which inverted the portrait. The new version is uploaded because the orientation of the image is specifically of encyclopedic interest.


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