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العربية: علم العراق 1959-1963 تحت عبد الكريم قاسم
עברית: הדגל של עיראק בימי עבד אל-כרים קאסם
English: Flag of Iraq under the Qassem regime, 1959-1963.

This has a Kurdish-Arab peace sun in the shape of an eight-pointed star (sometimes likened to the ancient "Star of Ishtar" symbol). The flag uses the four Pan-Arab colors (in addition to yellow), but was intended to move away from explicit Pan-Arab or Nasserite symbolism.

Qasim promoted an "Iraq first" identity, emphasizing the country's historical status as the cradle of great pre-Arab civilizations. He deliberately added the Akkadian eight-point star of Ishtar to the national flag, and likewise incorporated the insignia of the sun god Shamash in Iraq's national emblem. -- http://www.meforum.org/518/requiem-for-arab-nationalism

According to [1] and [2], Iraqi Kurds prefer this flag to the 1963-2007 forms of the Iraqi national flag (with their Pan-Arab and Ba`thist associations).

For the corresponding state emblem (coat of arms) see Image:Iraq state emblem CoA 1959-1965 Qassem.svg . For a flag map, see File:Iraq-flag-map 1959-1963.svg .

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Flag of Iraq

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