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Вітаю. :)
Koval, Anna July 2014.jpg

Hi. I'm Anna Koval, a manager of the Wikipedia Education Program on the Grantmaking Team at the the Wikimedia Foundation. I'm responsible for coordinating education programs in Eastern Europe and Asia.

I'm a teacher, a librarian, and I was also a WMF community advocate. To learn more about me, please see my user page on Outreach wiki.

Apologies for my English. I'm always grateful for translation! I love learning languages and I have studied several, but I am only fully fluent English. Google Translate helps a lot. And it's easy to find good translators on our projects. So please write to me anyway, even if you don't know English well.

I look forward to talking with you! Here's how you can reach me.

  • Email: akoval@wikimedia.org
  • Talk page: AKoval (WMF)
  • Skype: annakoval.wiki
  • IRC: AnnaKoval

Disclaimer: Although I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, contributions under this account do not necessarily represent the actions or views of the Foundation unless expressly stated otherwise. For example, edits to articles or uploads of other media are done in my individual, personal capacity unless otherwise stated.