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Converted EPS file from http://www.km.gov.lv/UI/main.asp?id=12781 to en:SVG.

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Дата (original upload date)
Крыніца Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.
Аўтар The original uploader was Zscout370 at англійская Вікіпедыя.
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This vector image was created with Adobe Illustrator.


Public domain
Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia: of April 6, 2000 - Full text (.pdf)

Section 6. Non-Protected Works

The following shall not be protected by copyright:

  1. regulatory enactments and administrative rulings, other documents issued by the State and Local Governments and adjudications of courts (laws, court judgements, decisions and other official documents), as well as official translations of such texts and official consolidated versions;
  2. State approved, as well as internationally recognised official symbols and signs (flags, Coats of Arms, anthems, and awards), the use of which is subject to specific regulatory enactments;
  3. maps, the preparation and use of which are determined by regulatory enactments;
  4. information provided in the press, radio or television broadcasts or other information media concerning news of the day and various facts and events;
  5. ideas, methods, processes and mathematical concepts.
Coat of arms of Latvia.svg

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Original upload log

The original description page was here. All following user names refer to en.wikipedia.
  • 2007-01-11 21:01 Zscout370 1664×1324×0 (762404 bytes) Reducing paths
  • 2007-01-11 01:33 Zscout370 1664×1324×0 (762864 bytes) Rendering issues caused by Illustrator
  • 2007-01-11 01:18 Zscout370 1664×1324×0 (643036 bytes) Converted EPS file from http://www.km.gov.lv/UI/main.asp?id=12781 to [[SVG]]. {{PD-LV-exempt|type=coats of arms}} [[Category:Coat of arms images]]

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Дата і часДрабніцаПамерыУдзельнікТлумачэнне
актуальн.18:33, 7 мая 2019Драбніца версіі з 18:33, 7 мая 20191 664 × 1 324 (1,03 MB)AnjeyCorrected colours as they used on CoA of Latvia on Ministry of Culture modern logo. Source: https://www.km.gov.lv/lv/ministrija/km-logo
03:15, 4 жніўня 2013Драбніца версіі з 03:15, 4 жніўня 20131 664 × 1 324 (679 KB)NelgFixed colors missing in lion toe claw and griffin thumb claw.
12:40, 12 верасня 2012Драбніца версіі з 12:40, 12 верасня 20121 664 × 1 324 (619 KB)PalosirkkaScrubbed with http://codedread.com/scour/
21:41, 23 сакавіка 2007Драбніца версіі з 21:41, 23 сакавіка 20071 664 × 1 324 (745 KB)Zscout370{{Information |Description=Converted EPS file from http://www.km.gov.lv/UI/main.asp?id=12781 to en:SVG. en:Category:Coat of arms images |Source=Originally from [http://en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia]; description page is/was [http://en.wikipedi

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